A Social App

I have an idea for a very social augmented reality app. Using AR glasses, this app will recognize faces and show you metadata about the person such as their name, name of their partner, children, recent events of note (“Are you feeling better?”), etc.  You have to enter the data into your new enhanced, AR-capable address book but the glasses will handle the facial recognition and metadata overlay.

This app could also pull up the persons’s latest postings from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Think of this as an instant conversation starter, “I love your trip photos from the Amazon. What was that like?”My app is intended to be a social assistant. One that helps improve social interaction.

Some may feel an instinctive reaction against apps like this. Perhaps it feels like cheating, like this isn’t as “real” as an innate ability or using memory tricks.  Our relationship with technology is ambivalent and many people don’t really trust it. Look at the way math is still taught in elementary school. Exactly as it was in the nineteenth century! By wrote and as if calculators had never been invented. When you think about it, it is a strangely fearful reaction and one I think it is time to outgrow.

Categories: Augmented Reality

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