Repair Your Car using AR

Mobile Commerce has an interesting article about a smartphone augmented reality app that can help people make basic car repairs. It appears to use annotation like arrows and text to help walk people through the repair steps. According to Mobile Commerce the app is made by Inglobe but I couldn’t find any information on the Inglobe site about it.

This is a great application of augmented reality, I’m just not sure what to call it. Computer mentoring? It isn’t really training. The computer is walking you through the steps of the task itself using voice and visual cues With the right sensors it could even give you feedback (“Sorry Aaron that wallpaper is not aligned correctly. Please take these steps to correct your mistake”).

This technology seems like a perfect match for the AI tool called an expert system. An expert system combined with augmented reality could help you diagnose a problem, for example in your engine, and then walk you through how to fix it. Wow.

Categories: Augmented Reality

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