A DevOps Experiment

I’ve been working with technology for a long time, mostly on software, architecture, and project management. Recently I heard about an IT movement called “DevOps” and was intrigued. I think the agile movement has it right and see DevOps as a way to extend the agile mindset to IT operations. I think the idea of automating IT functions is brilliant.

Since my day to day work is not in IT operations I decided to conduct my own DevOps experiment at home. My plan is simply to keep a record of my experience in the hope that it may also benefit someone else. To that end I will post a lot of reviews and sample code.

Topics I plan to cover:

  • Hardware: cheap servers from ebay, managed switches
  • Virtualization: SmartOS, VMWare, Xen, or KVM
  • OS: Linux distro or Solaris. Probably not Windows.
  • Provisioning: Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • CM: git
  • Network Management: Nagios, OpenNMS
  • Development: Vagrant
  • Java: Maven, Jenkins, Arquillian, etc.

Continuous delivery is a related area and one I will cover as well. I intend to take a software project from development through test to production after my IT infrastructure is in place.

Categories: DevOps


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