XenServer Storage Multipath Error

In my XenServer 6.2 pool I had an issue adding multipathed storage. One of the of the hosts added the new SR with multipathing successfully enabled. The others only saw a single path. After checking the networking connections for each I found a set of commands that fixed the problem.

These command must be run on each host (or in Ansible) and in order. The first command discovers the iSCSI targets:

iscsiadm -m discovery --type=st --portal [IP address of your iSCSI server]

You should see all the paths (IP addresses) with this command. If you don’t then the iSCSI server or your network is mis-configured. Copy and paste the IQN from this command into the next one:

iscsiadm -m node -T  [IQN] -p [IP address that was not found the first time] -l

When I did this the hosts added the new path correctly. I do not know why this worked.

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