Novel User Interface Concepts

Wolfram has developed a programming language that offers a unique way of interacting with the computer. The language acts as a query tool to the Wolfram Alpha database and mathematics engine. I found it very futuristic yet still reminiscent of classic technologies like the Symbolics lisp machines and Prolog. This is more just a REPL (a command line for programming languages) since it supports multimedia objects like images natively, understands real world object types like movies, and has access to the Alpha engine. It’s a new take on an old theme.

The paradigm is that you open up a worksheet and simply begin your research and analysis. No need to open different applications. The Wolfram Language gives you sophisticated query and analysis tools across multiple domains. It’s even possible to upload your own data sets. I hope Wolfram continues to grow and expand their approach, I think this could be the future of human computer interaction.

Categories: Software

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