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  • Code as Music

    I was reading an article on Hacker News about Musical User Interfaces and it made wonder why the current music tools don’t allow you to code your song. By coding a song I mean writing a song as a program…. Read More ›

  • Software Stagnation

    Operating systems and mainstream software like MS Office have fallen into a period of stagnation. Changes to Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux window managers like Gnome have become little more than pointless tweaks to their visual elements. Progress towards… Read More ›

  • How to send JSON log messages to RabbitMQ from syslog-ng

    In this post I will show you how to configure syslog-ng to send logs in JSON format in the body of an AMQP message. I use RabbitMQ as my message broker but this method should work with any AMQP broker… Read More ›

  • Running OSCAP on Centos 7

    If you choose the draft DISA STIG security policy when installing Centos 7 you can run the OSCAP security audit tool to check your configuration. The command to do so is not obvious and is not well-documented. [Here I would… Read More ›

  • Switching to Centos 7

    I’ve decided to migrate from Centos 6 to 7. This wasn’t an easy decision because my voluminous Ansible config files are Centos 6 based. The good news is that most of my roles still work, albeit with some modification. I… Read More ›

  • How to Improve Your Live Streaming with VST Plugins

    In this tutorial I will show you how to use VST dynamic processing plugins to make your voice sound better and more professional while live streaming. Audience This article is for live streamers on Twitch, YouTube Live, or any other… Read More ›

  • Application Configuration Testing

    Good application developers test their code extensively before each release. They rarely, however, provide system administrators with the ability to do the same.I hope this will start to change as DevOps becomes more popular. One of the ideas associated with… Read More ›