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  • A Quiet Server Rack

    The thing about business class servers is that, well, they are made for businesses. Businesses with a dedicated server room, AC, and power. They are not made to run in your closet. Oops. Fortunately, I found a solution that will… Read More ›

  • FreeSwitch Config

    Here is a very basic, step by step FreeSwitch configuration for It is for one inbound DID. This inbound DID is processed by a sofia external profile. In the samples below, replace “[text]” with your values and delete the… Read More ›

  • Vonage Porting Hell

    I’ve been a Vonage customer for many years. The pricing and call quality were good even though the customer service wasn’t. Recently I decided to run my own VOIP system. Though it is complicated to setup, you can get a… Read More ›

  • Buying Used Business Servers

    To start my DevOps experiment I decided to create a mini server farm. I went to ebay to find some inexpensive business class servers to use. I was pleasanly suprised to see how inexpensive they were. You can find some… Read More ›

  • A DevOps Experiment

    I’ve been working with technology for a long time, mostly on software, architecture, and project management. Recently I heard about an IT movement called “DevOps” and was intrigued. I think the agile movement has it right and see DevOps as… Read More ›

  • Mature AR Requirements

    In this post I will summarize my thoughts on what a mature augmented reality device must be able to do. As I have said in previous posts, I think glasses are the best mechanism to provide augmented reality features. In… Read More ›

  • Real World OOP

    In a previous post I mentioned that the augmented reality glasses will need an object detection and classification feature. I’d like to explore that a bit more. Currently object oriented programming deals largely with highly abstract “objects” that, despite the… Read More ›