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  • Real time translation

    I just discovered an augmented reality app for smartphones that will translate text from one language to another as you look at it. This app is called Word Lens. This way of interacting with the computer is very different from… Read More ›

  • Extra Sensory AR

    Flying home from a business trip last night in very stormy weather gave me another idea for an augmented reality application. Augmented reality glasses could function as sensor feed viewers. Data feed from sensors could be transformed into simple visuals… Read More ›

  • Facial Recognition

    It looks like someone is already working on an augmented reality social app. ArsTechnica just published an article on a company called Lambda that is working on facial recognition for Google Glass. Lamda’s founder described the potential social application of their… Read More ›

  • Repair Your Car using AR

    Mobile Commerce has an interesting article about a smartphone augmented reality app that can help people make basic car repairs. It appears to use annotation like arrows and text to help walk people through the repair steps. According to Mobile… Read More ›

  • Form Factor and Computing Power

    I think that glasses are the best form factor for augmented reality devices. The problem with glasses is that in the near term they are not large enough to hold the amount of computing power I think they need. An… Read More ›

  • AR Videos

    A couple of interesting AR videos from YouTube… This Total Immersion videos show the current state of the art in AR for marketing. A few interesting items like the feature where it will overlay a pair of glasses on your face… Read More ›

  • A Social App

    I have an idea for a very social augmented reality app. Using AR glasses, this app will recognize faces and show you metadata about the person such as their name, name of their partner, children, recent events of note (“Are… Read More ›