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  • Red Hat 7, systemd, and software evolution

    Red Hat 7.0 introduces a major change from previous versions in the form of systemd. systemd replaces a number of longtime core services such as system initialization and syslog. The pros and cons of systemd have been discussed at length… Read More ›

  • Automated Security Auditing of EL Based Linux Systems

    I have just uploaded an automated security guide for EL based Linux systems to GitHub.  It applies to 64bit versions of 6.5 by Red Hat, CentOS, and Oracle Linux systems. This automated security audit uses the publicly available DISA STIG… Read More ›

  • Heartbleed, OpenSSL, and Open Source

    Heartbleed is a black eye to the open source movement. I don’t agree, however, with those who claim that this bug discredits the open source movement. Many people have unreasonable expectations of open source software. Open source software represents a… Read More ›

  • Solaris 11.2 Release

    Oracle held a release event today for the next version of Solaris, 11.2. They posted a series of videos explaining the new features on the event site. I am not expert enough in things Solaris to comment in depth but… Read More ›

  • Automating a Formal CM Process

    I’ve spent a lot of time exploring ways to automate IT management. I’ve chosen Ansible as my primary tool for this purpose because of its push model, clean syntax, and use of SSH. I find Ansible very well designed even… Read More ›

  • Solaris 11 Experimentation

    Sadly it appears my Solaris experimentation will be cut short. Oracle does not allow people to update their Solaris installs without a license, even, apparently, for non-production purposes such as experimentation. Though I don’t want to put the Solaris machines… Read More ›

  • Set Xen VMs to Autostart at Boot

    You can set your XenServer 6.x VMs to autostart on boot through the command line. This option isn’t available in the GUI. Citrix provides the instructions here. I’ve updated my Ansible Xen VM script to enable autostarting by default.