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  • A Review of Syslog-NG

    After testing NXLog, rsyslog, syslog-ng, and logstash I’ve chosen syslog-ng open source as my primary logging application.  I wanted to try Graylog2 but I couldn’t tell from its practically nonexistent documentation whether or not it would meet my requirements. Functional… Read More ›

  • A Short Review of Proxmox

    In a comment on a previous post silopolis recommended Proxmox. Since I am very interested in container based virtualization I decided to give it a try. My goal was to see if I could use Proxmox containers as a replacement… Read More ›

  • An Open Source Centralized Logging Architecture

    After a lot of experimentation I’ve decided on logging architecture that looks like this: This diagram shows the logical design. I will explain the components. Devices These are switches, routers, appliances, and so on that can only send syslog format… Read More ›

  • Ansible Examples Updated

    I just posted more roles to github. This update includes basic ones such as an ntp-server and mysql-server. It also has a few I hope you will find especially interesting. I uploaded my CentOS ‘base’ configuration. It is fully compliant… Read More ›

  • GUIs Considered Harmful

    Using Ansible has fundamentally changed the way I interact with the applications on my network. Not long ago I would have sought applications that had a GUI. Now I avoid them. This is why I changed my mind about Zentyal…. Read More ›

  • Ansible CentOS Examples

    I’ve started a github repository for my Ansible configuration. I will add content over time as I “sanitize” my roles and settings. I want to make sure they will work as-is and that I haven’t left in local configuration data…. Read More ›

  • IT Security Publications by the US NIST

    The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a nice series of IT guides many of which are focused on security. They are rarely short documents but well worth the time for managers and administrators.  To give you… Read More ›