Switching to Centos 7

I’ve decided to migrate from Centos 6 to 7. This wasn’t an easy decision because my voluminous Ansible config files are Centos 6 based. The good news is that most of my roles still work, albeit with some modification. I… Read More ›

Application Configuration Testing

Good application developers test their code extensively before each release. They rarely, however, provide system administrators with the ability to do the same.I hope this will start to change as DevOps becomes more popular. One of the ideas associated with… Read More ›

Compiling Ansible System Changes

I’ve been wondering whether automated CM tools like Ansible and Chef make system changes in the best way possible from a configuration management point of view. Right now they make changes by executing a series of script statements. This works… Read More ›

Application Development Lags Behind IT

IT has advanced faster than software application development and this makes deploying production-ready applications much difficult than it could be. IT infrastructure has become virtualized and automated. A system administrator can quickly create and provision any number of virtual servers…. Read More ›