Set Xen VMs to Autostart at Boot

You can set your XenServer 6.x VMs to autostart on boot through the command line. This option isn’t available in the GUI. Citrix provides the instructions here. I’ve updated my Ansible Xen VM script to enable autostarting by default.

Ansible OSSEC Role

I’ve uploaded OSSEC client and server roles to my github repository. Fully automating OSSEC was a challenge. I hope this play makes installing OSSEC much easier. I will describe the installation steps below. Installation Steps Requirements CentOS operating system. It… Read More ›

Ansible Examples Updated

I just posted more roles to github. This update includes basic ones such as an ntp-server and mysql-server. It also has a few I hope you will find especially interesting. I uploaded my CentOS ‘base’ configuration. It is fully compliant… Read More ›