Why I Do Not Like Jenkins

I recently installed Jenkins to use as a continuous deployment server for Ansible and serverspec. I did finally get it to work but what an astonishingly unpleasant experience it was. It was exactly the kind of experience that gives open… Read More ›

Is DevOps a Passing Fad?

Is DevOps just a fad? I don’t think so. I’ve seen many technology fads come and go, and DevOps doesn’t look like one to me. Yes, the term ‘DevOps’ is a bit gimmicky and may not survive but its methods… Read More ›

Experience With Ansible

I’ve been using Ansible for several months now and thought I’d share my impressions so far. My site playbook is very large at this point so I have had a chance to use most of Ansible’s features. The Good There… Read More ›