A DevOps Approach to Testing

Of all the DevOps techniques automated testing requires the biggest investment in time, effort, staff training, and management energy. The payoff is equally large. Many of the business benefits that come from the DevOps are due to automated testing. It… Read More ›

The Business Case for DevOps

The technology industry suffers from fad and fashion just like other industries. I remember PointCast and how “push” technology was going to be the next big thing. It wasn’t. Neither were CORBA, the “object web”, the WS-X SOAP standards, and… Read More ›

IT as Software Development

As I experiment with a complex IT environment I’m starting to realize how similar IT is to software development. The more I work with it, the more I want to treat it exactly like a software development project. I see… Read More ›

Ansible Xen VM Playbook

Here is a first draft of an Ansible playbook for creating a CentOS 6.4 VM on a XenServer 6.2 host. This is only partially automated. I still have to create a kickstart file (or maybe an answerfile to fully automate… Read More ›

Ansible Linux

I was struggling with Zentyal yet again when I had an idea. Instead of an old-school web interface, what if there were an Ansible (or Chef, Puppet, etc.) based Linux distro? I appreciate what web based distros like Zentyal are… Read More ›

Fully Automated Installs

As I get my hardware setup in order, I’ve been planning my first automation step: fully automated provisioning and installation. I am basing my plan on a common use case. A company needs to expand its capacity by installing one… Read More ›

A DevOps Experiment

I’ve been working with technology for a long time, mostly on software, architecture, and project management. Recently I heard about an IT movement called “DevOps” and was intrigued. I think the agile movement has it right and see DevOps as… Read More ›