Refactoring the Network

Don’t refactor your network unless you have no other choice. I didn’t, so I had to endure this bit of pain. After several weeks of experimentation I finally decided on the subnet scheme I wanted. I need the additional complexity… Read More ›

Xen Host Configuration

My simulated data center hardware configuration is complete now. My 4 HP hosts are running XenServer 6.2 and are in a single resource pool. I wanted to test the high availability feature so I added a SAN device. The SAN… Read More ›

XenServer and Synology iSCSI

This is a short post that shows how to make iSCSI from a Synology DS412+ with DSM version 4.3 work with XenServer 6.2. They are compatible so this does work. Connecting them requires you to follow the standard iSCSI setup… Read More ›

Cables and Cooling

I learned a couple of lessons about the physical side of server management these past few days. The first lesson was to test the Ethernet cables before installing them. The second was that the server put out a gigantic amount… Read More ›

Managed Switches

The last piece of equipment I need to complete my DevOps server setup is a business class switch. I wanted a gigabit switch that would support 802.3ad link aggregation, 802.1Q VLANs, and SNMP. I expect that I will have to… Read More ›