Containers, Speed, and Security

Though I decided not to use Linux containers, I like the technology a lot. Everything I have read seems to indicate that containers/zones are faster and more resource efficient than VMs. The engineers at Joyent frequently write articles about the… Read More ›

FedRAMP Security Guidelines

FedRAMP is a recent US government initiative to standardize the way security is assessed for cloud service vendors. As you might expect from the government the security guidelines are voluminous. The system security plan alone is 353 pages! Unless you… Read More ›

The Business Case for DevOps

The technology industry suffers from fad and fashion just like other industries. I remember PointCast and how “push” technology was going to be the next big thing. It wasn’t. Neither were CORBA, the “object web”, the WS-X SOAP standards, and… Read More ›