Code as Music

I was reading an article on Hacker News about Musical User Interfaces and it made wonder why the current music tools don’t allow you to code your song. By coding a song I mean writing a song as a program…. Read More ›

Novel User Interface Concepts

Wolfram has developed a programming language that offers a unique way of interacting with the computer. The language acts as a query tool to the Wolfram Alpha database and mathematics engine. I found it very futuristic yet still reminiscent of… Read More ›

Application Development Lags Behind IT

IT has advanced faster than software application development and this makes deploying production-ready applications much difficult than it could be. IT infrastructure has become virtualized and automated. A system administrator can quickly create and provision any number of virtual servers…. Read More ›

Heartbleed, OpenSSL, and Open Source

Heartbleed is a black eye to the open source movement. I don’t agree, however, with those who claim that this bug discredits the open source movement. Many people have unreasonable expectations of open source software. Open source software represents a… Read More ›