Solaris 11.2 Release

Oracle held a release event today for the next version of Solaris, 11.2. They posted a series of videos explaining the new features on the event site. I am not expert enough in things Solaris to comment in depth but… Read More ›

Solaris 11 Experimentation

Sadly it appears my Solaris experimentation will be cut short. Oracle does not allow people to update their Solaris installs without a license, even, apparently, for non-production purposes such as experimentation. Though I don’t want to put the Solaris machines… Read More ›

Stop Creating DSLs

To pick the right application you have to test a lot of software. To test it you have to spend time learning it. When yet another application forced me to learn its entirely unique domain specific language (DSL) I realized… Read More ›

A Review of Syslog-NG

After testing NXLog, rsyslog, syslog-ng, and logstash I’ve chosen syslog-ng open source as my primary logging application.  I wanted to try Graylog2 but I couldn’t tell from its practically nonexistent documentation whether or not it would meet my requirements. Functional… Read More ›

A Short Review of Proxmox

In a comment on a previous post silopolis recommended Proxmox. Since I am very interested in container based virtualization I decided to give it a try. My goal was to see if I could use Proxmox containers as a replacement… Read More ›

GUIs Considered Harmful

Using Ansible has fundamentally changed the way I interact with the applications on my network. Not long ago I would have sought applications that had a GUI. Now I avoid them. This is why I changed my mind about Zentyal…. Read More ›

Clamav and Centos 6: Part 2

In part 1 I explained the core clamav subsystems. In this part I will show my clamav configuration for CentOS 6. I choose a simple approach. The clamav applications run via cron jobs at scheduled times, once daily. None run… Read More ›