CentOS 6.5 Released

CentOS 6.5 was just released a few days ago. yum update is all it takes to upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5. If you maintain a local mirror as I do then you will have to create a new folder and… Read More ›

Why Xen as Hypervisor?

The choice of hypervisors was easier than the choice of OS because there are fewer choices. I need virtualization to to create multiple environments. Virtualization will allow me to create a production server group, a testing group (identical to production… Read More ›

Reasons for Choosing CentOS

I am strictly non-partisan when it comes to technology choices like operating systems. I simply want the best choice for the circumstances. I decided up-front that I wanted to use the same operating system for all my VMs to make… Read More ›

The Rules Engine Design Pattern

While struggling with the FreeSwitch dialplan language it struck me that I was learning yet another custom approach to a common software use case. FreeSwitch’s dialplan language was addressing the same use case that iptables and Ansible had also addressed…. Read More ›