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  • Compiling Ansible System Changes

    I’ve been wondering whether automated CM tools like Ansible and Chef make system changes in the best way possible from a configuration management point of view. Right now they make changes by executing a series of script statements. This works… Read More ›

  • Ansible Role for Red Hat DISA STIG

    I just learned that there is a new Ansible role on Galaxy for the DISA Red Hat Linux 6 STIG. For those not familiar with the “STIG” it is a collection of system settings mandated by the US Department of… Read More ›

  • The Problem with Client-Side JavaScript

    JavaScript is everywhere. It’s extremely rare now to find a web site that delivers pure HTML pages. Most include a large number of JavaScript files. The Miami Herald newspaper front page, for example, includes 10 JavaScript files. I think this… Read More ›

  • Novel User Interface Concepts

    Wolfram has developed a programming language that offers a unique way of interacting with the computer. The language acts as a query tool to the Wolfram Alpha database and mathematics engine. I found it very futuristic yet still reminiscent of… Read More ›

  • Application Development Lags Behind IT

    IT has advanced faster than software application development and this makes deploying production-ready applications much difficult than it could be. IT infrastructure has become virtualized and automated. A system administrator can quickly create and provision any number of virtual servers…. Read More ›

  • What Does DevOps Really Mean?

    DevOps is one of those buzzwords where if you ask 20 people what it means you will get 20 different answers. Despite the hype surrounding it, I think it will have an enduring¬† and important legacy. The reason is that… Read More ›

  • IT Recommendation For Small Businesses

    Normally I write about large scale systems, in the post I will recommend a high-quality, low cost setup for small businesses (5-50 employees). I will discuss two components: a server and a firewall/router. Before I provide the details let me… Read More ›