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  • Solaris 11: First Impressions

    I think of Solaris as one of the few truly great technologies of the past 30 years. This isn’t a large list since the best technologies rarely survive.  I’ve wanted to learn more about it but since it used Sparc… Read More ›

  • Containers, Speed, and Security

    Though I decided not to use Linux containers, I like the technology a lot. Everything I have read seems to indicate that containers/zones are faster and more resource efficient than VMs. The engineers at Joyent frequently write articles about the… Read More ›

  • Ansible OSSEC Role

    I’ve uploaded OSSEC client and server roles to my github repository. Fully automating OSSEC was a challenge. I hope this play makes installing OSSEC much easier. I will describe the installation steps below. Installation Steps Requirements CentOS operating system. It… Read More ›

  • FedRAMP Security Guidelines

    FedRAMP is a recent US government initiative to standardize the way security is assessed for cloud service vendors. As you might expect from the government the security guidelines are voluminous. The system security plan alone is 353 pages! Unless you… Read More ›

  • Beware of Bad Advice: Disabling SELinux

    There is a lot of useful advice on the Internet. And there is a lot of bad advice. The trick is to identify which is which. As with any research, the best approach is to find multiple sources. It’s also… Read More ›

  • CentOS Advanced Network Configuration with Ansible

    I had some odd errors with my multi-homed CentOS servers.  I was finally able to fix them with the help of this blog post. Apparently basic multi-homed networking in CentOS is broken and you need to use the advanced configuration… Read More ›

  • Stop Creating DSLs

    To pick the right application you have to test a lot of software. To test it you have to spend time learning it. When yet another application forced me to learn its entirely unique domain specific language (DSL) I realized… Read More ›