Ansible OSSEC Role

I’ve uploaded OSSEC client and server roles to my github repository. Fully automating OSSEC was a challenge. I hope this play makes installing OSSEC much easier. I will describe the installation steps below. Installation Steps Requirements CentOS operating system. It… Read More ›

Ansible Examples Updated

I just posted more roles to github. This update includes basic ones such as an ntp-server and mysql-server. It also has a few I hope you will find especially interesting. I uploaded my CentOS ‘base’ configuration. It is fully compliant… Read More ›

Ansible CentOS Examples

I’ve started a github repository for my Ansible configuration. I will add content over time as I “sanitize” my roles and settings. I want to make sure they will work as-is and that I haven’t left in local configuration data…. Read More ›

SCAP Hardening CentOS 6

I just finished making my base Ansible role fully SCAP compliant (based on the DISA STIG I think). It doesn’t appear to have broken anything but I will need to test it thoroughly before I put it into production. I… Read More ›