A Review of Syslog-NG

After testing NXLog, rsyslog, syslog-ng, and logstash I’ve chosen syslog-ng open source as my primary logging application.  I wanted to try Graylog2 but I couldn’t tell from its practically nonexistent documentation whether or not it would meet my requirements. Functional… Read More ›

nxlog on CentOS 6.5: A Review

I want to implement a modern logging architecture using JSON structured data and elasticsearch. Ye Olde Syslog is not good enough. The version of rsyslog that comes as default on CentOS is old and lacks the functionality I need. My… Read More ›

A Few Notes on Logstash

Logstash is a popular logging component so I have been experimenting with it. Its primary role in a logging architecture is message translator. It works like this: it receives a log message from an input source, translates the message from… Read More ›