Set Xen VMs to Autostart at Boot

You can set your XenServer 6.x VMs to autostart on boot through the command line. This option isn’t available in the GUI. Citrix provides the instructions here. I’ve updated my Ansible Xen VM script to enable autostarting by default.

Xen Host Configuration

My simulated data center hardware configuration is complete now. My 4 HP hosts are running XenServer 6.2 and are in a single resource pool. I wanted to test the high availability feature so I added a SAN device. The SAN… Read More ›

Ansible Xen VM Playbook

Here is a first draft of an Ansible playbook for creating a CentOS 6.4 VM on a XenServer 6.2 host. This is only partially automated. I still have to create a kickstart file (or maybe an answerfile to fully automate… Read More ›